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A Cup Without a Saucer

We all love our mugs. It holds your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. You likely can’t start the day without a mug in hand.

What else does that humble mug do?

  • It holds the steaming hot cocoa that warms up the insides of the little ones who played in the snow.
  • It serves as a pencil holder on the kitchen counter where you jot down your grocery list.
  • It’s transformed into a miniature flowerpot as a welcoming gift for your new neighbor.
  • It’s a souvenir of a trip you made and a place you want to remember.
  • It holds candy on your desk.
  • It commemorates a special event or a milestone birthday.
  • It promotes your business.
  • It says, “Congratulations!” You graduated. You were promoted. You finished a marathon.
  • It’s the perfect gift to show a boss or colleague that they are appreciated.

Extreme Embroidery and Printing supplies mugs of varying sizes and printing services to garnish your mugs with custom designs.

Unassuming Greatness

Short and squat. Tall and skinny. Tapered. Cylindrical. Mugs come in many shapes and sizes. You’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your hands.

Aubergine, plum, or lilac? From primary colors to the latest trend, we’ll find the right shade to send the right message or the perfect hue to match your mood.

Size, shape and color are just the beginning for your humble mug. We can put your favorite photo on your mug. New grandchild? New graduate? Who is the apple of your eye? We can put that face on your mug where you’ll see it every day.

Slogans. Sayings. Sentiments. What are the words you want to convey? You can keep it simple with your business logo. You can combine word and image. Everyone needs a little mug that can do it all!

Off the Shelf

From one mug for a gag gift, to a thousand mugs for your gift shop, or a hundred mugs for your employees to celebrate 100 years in business, you can create it at Extreme Embroidery and Screen-printing. Call us today to talk about fulfilling your mug needs. Let’s get started!

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