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What You Wear Says Something About You

What could be more American than wearing a t-shirt and jeans? There’s a time and place for a button-down collar or that little black dress, but no American wardrobe is complete without this dynamic duo! It says, “weekend.” It says, “comfort.” It says, “This is who I am.” Extreme Embroidery and Printing offers t-shirt printing that lets you express who you are in full glorious color.

What You Wear Says Something

Love them or hate them, ever since those ‘sixties hippies discovered they could spread their message on a screen-printed t-shirt, their idea has gone mainstream. Or should we say, “viral”? Everyone has something to say. So go ahead and tweet. Then come to us and let your t-shirt speak for you.

  • It could be silly
  • It could be serious
  • It could be political
  • It could be strictly business

Our t-shirt printing can help you promote your business or non-profit. Your custom printed t-shirts will let customers recognize who your employees are at a glance. T-shirts identify your sports team—no sweat. T-shirts can even help you keep track of your kids or group among the masses in the amusement park! Maybe your message is designed simply to make someone smile today.

So many t-shirts! So many messages! The combinations are endless! What you choose to print on your t-shirt is up to you. Our mission is to make sure you look good while getting your message across.

What We Print Says Something About Us

T-shirt printing is more than business to us; it’s an art. If you like, we’ll take the t-shirt off your back and print your design on it. However, if you want to keep your shirt on, we can provide both the t-shirt and the design.

Of course, we keep an inventory of t-shirts in multiple sizes so we can deliver a quality product to you. We can also help you sort through every design decision—from the weight and color of the fabric to the scale and content of the design we print on it. We don’t sign our work, but we won’t let you wear anything less than our best effort.

Give us a call today to talk about your needs. Or better yet, stop in. When it comes to t-shirt printing, you need to touch and see what we can do for you.

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